Our executive team and board consists of individuals driven by passion; inspired leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience to Crust Pizza. As a people-first, purpose-driven team, they serve as the driving force behind the Crust culture and are dedicated to the idea that pizza can be a starting point for bringing about positive social change.

Carl Comeaux, CEO

Comeaux started working for himself at the age of 16 as a personal trainer and initially what inspired him was transforming people’s lives through fitness. Then Comeaux discovered entrepreneurship and what inspires him now is creating jobs through his commitment to take a vision and turn it into a business. To see employees go from making $8/hour to a $50k salary drives Comeaux to sprint harder every day. Now he is transforming people’s lives and families professionally and financially through the Crust Pizza Co. franchise.

Comeaux’s main role at Crust Pizza Franchise is to manage the daily operations of all departments from sales to store development to ongoing support for franchisees. He is responsible for the franchisees' success through their turn key processes to get each store profitable to allow franchisees to scale the Crust concept to multiple restaurants.

Nick Fontenot, CTO

Fontenot started working for himself at the age of 19 as a web and graphic designer and since then he's been able to build a number of multi-million-dollar companies. Success drives Fontenot and pushes him harder each and every day. He attributes most of his success by being able to visualize and create processes that allow his businesses to streamline the day to day processes and to be able to measure certain drivers to from afar to ensure all of his businesses are always running at optimal performance.

Fontenot’s main role at Crust Pizza Franchise is to bring the newest and latest technology to the restaurants and to create and deploy continuous systems that will allow the franchisees to be able to successfully forecast & track everything from sales, labor, customer satisfaction and more. Leaning on technology is key to being able to grow at a fast pace.

Clint Price, CBO

From a very early age, Clint witnessed his father’s involvement in a number of various business ventures. This introduction into entrepreneurship was a stepping stone for him to chase this dream. Crust was the perfect vehicle to achieve this dream and has given him the ability to not only create his own success, but assist individuals, whether they be Crust employees or Crust franchisees, achieve their own dreams in business.

Clint’s main role at Crust Pizza Co is to help both corporate and franchise locations work through the initial phases of planning and execution to get a location off the ground. This starts with fielding lease review questions and moves into coordinating with the architect and store owner on floor plan/equipment layout and full plan review. During plan development, he also coordinates with our equipment vendors, store owner and banks in order to create a line-item budget for everything from construction bids to the store equipment/ full inventory items needed to open. In addition, he is also involved in reviewing new and existing recipes to not only determine their worthiness of being a Crust item, but also making sure the food cost is in line with the profitability of our model.

Mark Rasberry, CFO

As a young father, Mark felt there was a need for a family-friendly restaurant where he could take his family for pizza that was comfortable for both his wife and kids. It seemed like most places either felt cheap inside or were higher-end Italian concepts that were not necessarily family-friendly. He feels that Crust Pizza has both quality food and a comfortable, neighborhood atmosphere.

Rasberry’s main role at Crust Pizza includes the oversight and management of the company’s finances, including record-keeping and financial reporting. Also, his duties include the initial and on-going training of both corporate and new franchise stores. He is also heavily involved in the construction of new Crust Pizza Co. locations, in both the planning, design, and quality control during construction. He also acts as a liaison between our vendors for both corporate and franchise locations.


Gary Thompson

Director of Operations

Amber Treybig

Marketing Director

Antonio Yacovodonato

Franchise Business Leader

Caleb Newsome

Digital Marketing Manager


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