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Crust Pizza is coming to New Iberia

New Iberia will soon have a new pizza joint with Crust Pizza opening at 900 East Admiral Drive.
Construction should get started in early June, according to Co-Franchisee Brenda Comeaux. The restaurant is expected to be open for business by early 2023.
Brenda said a feature she is excited about will be the patio that is planned for the space. She and her sister-in-law Cindy are the franchisee owners of New Iberia’s Crust Pizza.

The Comeauxs are New Iberian natives. Cindy and Brenda graduated high school together and married brothers.

Crust Pizza Co. specializes in Chicago thin crust style pizza. The first location opened in 2011 in Woodlands, Texas. Four more locations opened in the area by 2017. The founders, Clint Price and Mark Raspberry, then decided to expand by partnering with other entrepreneurs.

In 2019, they partnered with Carl Comeaux, who is Brenda’s son, and Nicholas Fontenot to expand Crust Pizza Co. into Louisiana. Lafayette and Lake Charles, each have a Crust Pizza already. According to the Crust Pizza Co.’s website, Sulphur is also expected to get a location and Lake Charles will be getting a second one.

Cindy Comeaux said Brenda came to her with the idea of opening up a New Iberia location together. Brenda has many years of experience working in the food industry, she said.

“I gave it a lot of thought and remembered that my late husband, David Comeaux, once said that Brenda was going to find the right food business to be affiliated with and was going to be successful,” she said.

She said they wanted to open a location in their hometown to bring a great restaurant that offers high quality pizza in a different style not often found in the area.

“It is absolutely the best pizza that I have ever eaten,” she said.

Brenda’s son Carl Comeaux has seen great success as one of the owners of Crust Pizza, Cindy said.
She said the restaurant will employ an estimated 28 people. They plan to hire locally and the company is currently accepting applications online.


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