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Crust Pizza serves up Chicago-style thin crust pies cut up in squares

There is much to like aboutthe new Crust Pizza at 3479 Nelosn Road in Lumpkin Plaza, but I'll start out here talking about the three things I like best. That would be 1. The quick service 2. The way they cut their Chicago-style thin crust pizza here in something called tavern style cut and 3. Owner Nick Fontenot. 
First the service. My daughter and I ordered and paid at the "dine-in" counter. The employee who took our order said it would be ready in about 15 minutes. It was delivered to our booth in 14. 

Next, the pizza cut: Crust Pizza cuts their pizza tavern style instead of into the more traditional wagon wheel triangular shapes. Tavern-style pizza is cut into square shapes except around the edges. The pieces are smaller so much easier to eat and enjoy. Tavern style is also called party style. Though pieces are smaller, there are more of them so it goes further. 

Third, the owner: As we say enjoying our pizza, a polity young man was walking around checking in with diners to make sure they had everything they needed. When he reached our table we let him know how good our large 14-inch Madelyn's Alfredo gourmet pizza was. 

"So who owns this place?" I asking him.

"I do" he said.

"Since when do college students open their own restaurants?" I thought.

It turns out Nick Fontenot, 33, is not a college student. He just looks like one. He is also the founder and CEO of Fix My Phone, which has a location in Lumpkin Plaza as well. 

There are six other Crust Pizza locations, all in Texas. This new one is the first in Louisiana, he said.

Anyway, while he was at our table I asked how they made the new restaurant look so spacious. When Starbucks was located here it looked much smaller. The answer: Crust Pizza also occupies the space of what was formerly Street Breads sandwich shop next door. It looks bigger than Starbucks because it is bigger than Starbucks.

Fontenot told us Crust Pizza Dough is made from scratch every three hours. 

"After three hours, the dough is still good, but it rises a little too much for our thin crust pizzas, so we made a new batch," he said.

Here are a few more tidbits about Crust Pizza:

As customers open the door leading into the restaurant, they will encounter a sign in the hallway. The sign tells diners to go left to place an order if they will be dining in, or to go right if they'll be getting an order to go.

Crust offers 12 gourmet pizza choices, or customers can build their own. A 10-inch pizza is $9. A 14-inch pizza is $14. Salads and pasta dishes are also available. So are fountain drinks, iced tea, beer (including Crying Eagle beer) or wine by the glass or bottle. 

Start out with an appetizer if you'd like (They're called starters here) and end with a warm brownie, ice cream covered cookie or cinnamon roll dipping sticks. 

Our Madelyn's Alfredo gourmet pizza was wonderful. It was made with chicken breast, Alfredo sauce, mushrooms, baby spinach and cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on a crisp crust. 

Fontenot offered a little advice for our follow-up visit. 

"Next time be sure and try our garlic cheese bread. It will melt in your mouth."


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