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Crust Pizza Co.

Crust Pizza Co. - Pearland Parkway Delights Pizza Enthusiasts with Free Pizza Extravaganza

Crust Pizza Co. on Pearland Parkway turned into a pizza lover's paradise on Saturday, December 2nd, as the renowned pizzeria treated the first 100 customers to an extraordinary early holiday celebration - Free Pizza for a Year!

The excitement was palpable as eager pizza enthusiasts formed a line that stretched out the door and around the corner. Some dedicated fans were spotted patiently waiting in line since the early hours of 6 AM, fueled by the prospect of a year's worth of free pizza.

"It's our way of giving back to the community and spreading some holiday cheer," said Caleb Newsome, Digital Marketing Manager of Crust Pizza Co. "We wanted to show our appreciation to our loyal customers who have made us a part of their lives since we have been open."

The lucky first 100 customers not only secured a year's supply of mouthwatering pizza but were also treated to a festive atmosphere that included a lively DJ spinning tunes and a variety of games for the kids to enjoy. The event transformed the pizzeria into a lively gathering place for families and friends to come together and celebrate the joyous season.

Local resident Sarah Thompson, who secured her spot in line early in the morning, exclaimed, "I can't believe I get free pizza for a whole year! This is the best holiday gift ever, and the atmosphere here is amazing. It's not just about the pizza; it's about the experience!"

The Crust Pizza Co. team worked tirelessly to ensure that the event ran smoothly, from preparing the delectable pizzas to organizing the entertainment for the day. The giveaway and celebration were not only a gesture of gratitude to the community but also a way to create lasting memories for their valued customers.

As news of the Free Pizza for a Year event spread, the local community rallied to join in the festivities. The pizzeria was buzzing with laughter, music, and the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pizzas.

Crust Pizza Co. - Pearland Parkway has once again proven that they are more than just a pizzeria; they are a vibrant part of the community, bringing people together with delicious food and festive celebrations. For those who missed out on this extraordinary event, there's no doubt that Crust Pizza Co. will continue to surprise and delight its patrons in the seasons to come.


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