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Crust Pizza Co. - Harpers Preserve Joins Forces with Texas Children's for a Heartwarming Holiday Initiative

In the spirit of giving and spreading joy during the holiday season, Crust Pizza Co. - Harpers Preserve has embarked on a heartwarming initiative in collaboration with Texas Children's Hospital. Owner and Operator, Carlos Rojas, has taken a step beyond the pizza oven to create a meaningful impact in the community. This holiday season, Crust Pizza Co. is not only serving up delicious pizzas but also spreading awareness and kindness through a special Wish Tree campaign.

Carlos Rojas, a passionate advocate for community engagement, saw an opportunity to make a difference during the festive season. Teaming up with Texas Children's Hospital, Crust Pizza Co. has set up a Wish Tree in the restaurant. The concept is simple yet powerful – customers and community members are encouraged to contribute to the tree by fulfilling wishes for children undergoing treatment at Texas Children's.

The Wish Tree is adorned with tags, each representing a child's wish. These wishes range from toys and games to books and art supplies. Customers and patrons of Crust Pizza Co. have the chance to select a tag, fulfill the wish, and return the gift to the restaurant. The outpouring of generosity from the community has been truly heartening, turning the Wish Tree into a symbol of hope and compassion.

Beyond the immediate impact of granting wishes, Crust Pizza Co. aims to raise awareness about the work and needs of Texas Children's Hospital. The restaurant has integrated information about the hospital's mission and services into its holiday decor, menus, and social media platforms. By sharing stories of resilience and strength, Carlos Rojas hopes to inspire others to get involved and support the hospital's initiatives.

Crust Pizza Co. - Harpers Preserve, under the leadership of Carlos Rojas, exemplifies the true spirit of the holiday season by giving back to the community in a meaningful way. The Wish Tree initiative not only brings joy to children in need but also raises awareness about the critical work of Texas Children's Hospital. As the community comes together to share the warmth of the season, Crust Pizza Co. stands as a beacon of generosity and compassion, proving that a small act of kindness can make a big difference.


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