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Crust Pizza Co.
Crust Pizza Co.

Crust Pizza Co. - Scoring Big with McNeese Athletics!

The McNeese Men's Basketball Game on Monday, March 4th was more than just a contest of athletic prowess. It was a moment of celebration as Crust Pizza Co. and its CEO, Carl Comeaux, along with his family, stepped onto the court to receive recognition as the Official Sponsor of the Game.

With its delectable offerings and unwavering support, Crust Pizza Co. has become synonymous with the spirit of McNeese Athletics. As the official pizza provider, they've fueled countless victories and energized fans throughout the seasons.

Taking center stage at the game, Carl Comeaux and his family were greeted with applause and admiration for their dedication to McNeese Athletics. Crust Pizza Co.'s commitment to excellence both on and off the court has truly elevated the game-day experience for players, fans, and staff alike.

The partnership between Crust Pizza Co. and McNeese Athletics isn't just about sponsorship—it's about a shared passion for community, camaraderie, and, of course, great pizza. Together, they continue to inspire and uplift, proving that when it comes to winning, a slice of success is always on the menu.

As the cheers echoed through the arena, it was clear: Crust Pizza Co. isn't just a sponsor; they're an essential part of the McNeese Athletics family, contributing to every victory, both on and off the court


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