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Crust Pizza Co. to add new location in Alden Bridge

Pizza lovers will soon have an opportunity to choose which Crust Pizza Co. they prefer, the one in the Panther Creek Shopping Center or the new location that will open in Alden Bridge.

“Capacity constraints at peak meal times necessitated a second location,” Crust Pizza Co. owner, Mark Rasberry, said. The new location will be the old location of the Blockbuster Video in Alden Bridge, located at 8000 Research Forest Drive. And this new location may prove to be a blockbuster for business - a large percentage of their patronage is from the north Woodlands area.

Deciding which location will be the easiest decision you’ll make when dining at Crust Pizza Co. There are 17 different gourmet pizzas on the menu which come in 10, 12, 14, and 16-inch sizes. There are an almost infinite number of combinations if you want to ‘build your own pizza,’ choosing from among 11 meats, 17 vegetables, and 6 cheeses. And you also get to choose between traditional and whole wheat crust; gluten-free is also available.

Defecting to another menu item won’t make the decision-making process any easier. There are 10 different pasta dishes, eight sub sandwiches, seven salad options, and a half-dozen delicious desserts. Even the kids have to decide for themselves, with five Kids’ Meals options.

How does a food establishment remain profitable with so many choices and safe-guard against waste? Rasberry responded, “Daily deliveries of smaller quantities. The freshness of the ingredients is maintained. This also prevents wasteful overstocking and spoilage.”

Partner, Clint Price, added, “We grate our cheese fresh, instead of buying processed, grated cheese with preservatives. It doesn’t dry out that way.” Their dough is not prepared in advance and refrigerated overnight either. “We make our dough fresh several times a day depending on customer volume, which makes it lighter and flakier,” added Rasberry.

A new and different ‘Pizza-of-the-Month’ is offered that is not a menu item. Sales are monitored to determine if the ‘PotM’ should be added to their regular offerings, making their menu a ‘work in progress.’ So popular was their ‘white pizza,’ which is white sauce instead of tomato-based, that “The Blanco” will soon be added to the menu.

Much in the vein of family-owned businesses, Rasberry and Price decided to personalize the menu items by naming them after family members and employees. So naming pizzas isn’t one of the harder decisions to make, but the public will have a tough decision when ordering.

The targeted date for opening the second location is early December, just in time for the holidays. To expedite the customer flow, the new location will have separate entrances for ‘dine in’ and ‘take out’ service. To view the menu selections for dining in or take out, visit the Crust Pizza Company website. Crust Pizza Co. is located at 4775 W. Panther Creek Drive Ste 530.


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