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Crust Pizza Co. Kingwood Opening June 2021

Crust Pizza Co., 30129 Rock Creek, will open at Kingwood Place June 2021. The family-friendly restaurant serves Chicago-style thin crust pizza. With fresh dough made every four hours, the pizza has an airy crust and the brand has been expanding that recipe for success since 2011 when two Katy friends, Mark Raspberry and Clint Price, opened the first location in the Woodlands. Now, there are nine restaurants in Texas and one in Lake Charles, Louisiana with more already in the works.

Guests can build their own pizzas or try one of the signature pies. There are also calzones, garlic knots, Buffalo wings and pepperoni rolls. Being a bit more upscale than some pizza joints, Crust Pizza also offers starters like Baked Goat Cheese and Marinara and Tomato-Basil Soup. There's a good-sized selection of salads including Greek, Hawaiian, Caesar and Spinach-Artichoke versions.

Pasta lovers can choose from a number of dishes including Spaghetti, Lasagna and Blackened Chicken Capri. There are inexpensive wines by the bottle and the $3 beer selection means diners can enjoy a cold brew with a hot pie for not-a-lotta dough.

Crust Pizza Co., 5211 FM 2920, will open in September 2021 at Gosling Pines making it number eleven.


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