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Crust Pizza Co. to add 4 mid-South stores

Houston-based, Crust Pizza Co. has signed four leases for franchised restaurants in Spring and Kingwood, Texas as well as Moss Bluff and Lafayette, Louisiana, a news release said.

First to open will be the nearly 3,000-suqare-foot Ambassador Caffery Parkway store in Lafayette in May or June, followed by one nearly that size on Rock Creek Drive in Kingwood in June. The other two stores will open at the end of this summer, including one on Sam Houston Jones Parkway in Moss Bluff and another at Gosling Pines in Spring, also around September.

"With one location in Lake Charles, we knew we needed to make Crust more accessible by taking it to those who were already craving quality pizza nearby in Moss Bluff," Jet Trahan, the Moss Bluff and Kingwood franchisee, said in the release. "It's a thrilling step toward Crust Pizza Co.'s Louisiana takeover. After seeing how the franchise has filled the greater Houston Area with such ease, Kingwood also felt like a logical step. I'm really looking forward to seeing the community get to know the brand that I'm passionate about."

The brand is slated to open five more locations across the greater Houston area and Louisiana in the near future, it said. Crust Pizza Co. indicates it has 10 stores on its website.


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